METALITE (English Version - 2017) - Edwin Premberg (Guitar)

Hello Edwin.
First of all, thank you for making this interview possible. It’s a real pleasure.

Hi! And thank YOU! Of course, I like this as much as you do!

So, let’s go with the questions to speak about that « Heroes In TIme ».
Can you tell us how the meeting with Emma in the first time was, then with the other guys. I mean, is there an unexpected opportunity / connection that made it happen ?

Oh yes there was a unexpected moment when I met Emma. Me and my wife was on a boat cruise here in Stockholm and Emma was a showartist on that boat. I thought her voice was perfect for the sound of Metalite so I contacted her. Later on, I contacted Robert Ö. which I have played together with for about 15 years ago and he wanted to join the band. Robert M. and Lea were brought to Metalite through some mutual friends. They were the perfect match!

What about the name of the band; I mean we could think it could be a little bit cheesy. Is it a cross word of Metal and Elite ?

Yes, a kind of. The name just popped out when I was producing the first song and sounds. I needed a modern name and Metalite felt like the right name for this, from the beginning ”project” and now band. Well, its metal and I wanted the sound to be ”l33t” or ”1337” (Which means ”Elite” in the online language ”Leet” used in BBS and nowadays Online Gaming.) Combined it became Metalite :)

You have chosen to made some power melodic metal with a female singer. What is for you the thing which will make that difference from other bands and make you head to the top of the podium ?

First of all I like the sound when you combine metal and a female vocals. I listen a lot to female fronted bands. Sadly, the female fronted bands are often into symphonic metal. I listen a lot to those bands too but I wanted to have a clean pop singer with a lot of energy and skip the opera-thing. Metalite is about modern high-energy-power-metal and Emma sure delivers that sound to us which will make us stand out from the rest.

A thing that I do appreciate is that the band gets a woman, Lea Larsson, as a drummer. And that kicks out all the clichés we could find the musical scene. Not to say her game is powerful and fluent !

Yeah! Lea is a very talented and experienced drummer from the metal scene and I thought she would be perfect for this band.

« Heroes In Time » is the title track of the album and the song is sounding like Amaranthe (only forgetting the growls). Are you not afraid about that kind of comparisons?

At the time when I wrote the songs to Heroes In Time I listened a lot to Amaranthe and even other bands like Battle Beast, Sabaton, Stratovarius etc. And I wanted my sound to be like them but combined with my other influences I had through the 80s/90s. Its not weird that critics are comparing us with Amaranthe, we have the same producer and that was the sound I wanted Metalite to deliver.

By my side I would pick « Over And Done » as my favorite one; with it’s amazing guitar solo and the voice line. Really love it!

Thank you! That was the third song we recorded for the album and I´m proud of that one too. I like the riff and the difference between the half-tempo-feel and real tempo in the refrain, it suites the song perfectly!

Then with have the raging « Black Horse Rider » too…

Haha, yes! I was thinking I have to write a more classic power metal song with classic lyrics and all of that for this album, of course with a Metalite touch.

What’s your favorite track of the album, and tell us the reasons why?

I have many favorites on Heroes In Time and one of them is Purpose Of Life because it has a deeper subject. Its about ambition and how people spoil their chance to realise their dreams.

We can read that there are two guest on the album: Fraser Edwards from Ascension, and Jacob Svensson from Wigelius. But we don’t have more informations where they’re appearing. Can you tell us more please ?

Oh yes, we´re really proud of their work on those songs! Jakob Svensson recorded the solos for Nightmare, Heroes In Time, Power Of Metal and Fraser Edwards was shredding the guitar on The Light Of Orion, Black Horse Rider, In The Middle Of The Night, The Great Force Within Us and The Hunter.

Your first video single has reached and marked the 300 K views on youtube in one month. That’s amazing.

I can’t believe it myself! Its amazing. I´m still living in this ”Afterlife-bubble” even though it has been a month since the release. All the fantastic comments and positive reactions. It can not get better!

We’re reaching the end of the interview, thank you for your answers and taking the time for us. Feel free to conclude with some words for ou readers.

I want to thank everyone who has written all the positive comments on youtube, facebook etc. Everyone who has shared and liked our work! We are so grateful for the support. Without the fans we are nothing! Thank you all. Visit our Facebook page for the latest news from Metalite! :)
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